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To accompany the Wellbeing & Happiness Skills series of 24 mini videos and character strength cards for Secondary Schools series of interactive short videos accessed through www.wellbeingskills.me

This Secondary School Student Wellbeing & Happiness Skills handbook is designed to empower the student to create a world of wellness and enjoyment that they can bring with them wherever they go. 

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This Wellbeing & Happiness skills Student Handbook is particularly suited to the teenage years as we shape our personality and choose what company to keep. There are certain choices that lead to better coping, control and joy, and other choices that take us down a dark tunnel where nothing makes sense any more. 

The wellbeing tools, easily used, build skills of turning negative situations and experiences into positive gain.

They help to learn and move on from hurtful relationship experiences.

They help a person to focus on good experiences and create more of these.

Students will discover their personal strengths and be encouraged to use them more as successful living is tied up with our ability to pinpoint our strengths and use them for the good of ourselves and those around us.

They will get opportunities to use assertiveness skills and personal problem-solving tools that will empower them in years to come.

Basically, they’ll learn how not to be a victim but rather a person who takes charge of one’s life, but is able to look for and receive help if necessary.

A journey to increased happiness and wellbeing, not by denying the negatives but by knowing how to process them gracefully.

The Author

Michaela Avlund MSc is a Positive Psychologist, author of ‘Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology’ book and audiobook. Creator of the Wellbeing & Happiness Skills Program for Secondary schools which she has recently also moved online.

She has facilitated wellbeing workshops in various parts of Ireland over the past 20 years. She specialises in working with groups or individuals around Wellbeing skills and is currently working with Transition Year students. She is a regular contributor at various Irish Teacher Education Centres in person and through zoom.

Michaela lives in Ireland. She has written and co-produced the Self-confidence and Relationship DVDs which have been used in Secondary schools all over Ireland. The Independent printed her ’15 tips to Happiness’ interview in March 2015. She loves walking and cycling on greenways and country roads around Ireland and has led numerous getaways in Ireland in Wellbeing Skills, Creative Writing and Sound Therapy Holidays. Guest Lecturer in Cape Town, S.A. Co-designing Wellbeing program for foreign students in Vancouver, B.C. and Japan. A regular participant at the Positive Psychology World Conferences.

Personal Journey

Born in Copenhagen, growing up in Scandinavia before finding her home in Ireland in her early twenties. She has personally found the Wellbeing skills transformative and presents the skills that she’d wish to have known when she was a teenager and had to cope with her mother’s mental breakdown, and due to her father’s military career, continually moving and having to find new friends and adjust to various cultures. Having recently buried her dad and brother, she finds great comfort from keeping in close contact with her remaining four siblings and their families back in Denmark. She is dedicated to health through diet and exercise and co-manages the Healthy Habits Store in Wicklow Town.


A deepfelt thank you to schools, teachers, pupils, and Education Centres who’ve welcomed me and worked with me over the past years. The experience has been invaluable and helped refine this program. A great debt is owed to supportive friends and family members who facilitate the work. Their encouragement and love keep me going. A deepfelt appreciation for the Positive Psychology research by so many professional and caring human beings from all over the planet.

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