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Michaela Avlund
Group work suggestion
, cards x 20


Postcard size cards to help remember the website which helps you catch your ‘negative’ feelings and turn them into character strengths. 20 card + 1 group work explanation laminated card.

The is a FREE no ads wellbeing app that supports us in welcoming ‘negative’ emotions.

It offers he opportunity to process these feelings and bring them into an optimistic frame of mind. An invitation to personal self-reflection followed by positive action.

The content is based on research within positive and traditional psychology focusing on character strength building and choices.

It is not a replacement for counselling or mental health treatments but a supportive, and possibly preventive, measure to help us deal with the daily struggle for sanity and mental health in a life-giving space.

The creator of is an author, speaker and wellbeing skills promotor Danish born Michaela Avlund who lives in the beautiful county Wicklow, Ireland. She is part of a community of people dedicated to finding a glimmer of goodness within every bad situation.

Her book and audiobook ‘Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology’ and ‘Wellbeing Skills Student’s Handbook’ and Character Strength cards can be found on
under wellbeing education. Her online wellbeing course can be found on email:

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