Sea Spaghetti nutrition

Sea Spaghetti 40g


High in Vitamin C, our Sea Spaghetti becomes tender with cooking or when just left to soak in cold water overnight in fridge. When soaked or cooked it becomes large and soft like tagliatelle noodles. Sea Spaghetti can be added to pasta dishes or used as a complete replacement for pasta.

Seaweed benefits

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Nutritional Analysis
Fat (% of dry matter) 0.67
Protein (% of dry matter) 6.14
Carbohydrates (% of dry matter) 68.85
Energy (Kj/100g of dry matter) 1299.62
Vitamin C (ppm, ug/g) 3206.49
Calcium (mg/kg) 8830
Iron (mg/kg) 52.8
Magnesium (mg/kg) 8070
Manganese (mg/kg) 19.7
Sodium (mg/kg) 4.89
Copper (mg/kg) 4.3
Cadmium (mg/kg) <1.0
Mercury (mg/kg) <1.0
Arsenic (mg/kg) 32.6
Iodine (ppm, ug/g) 185
Lead (mg/kg) <1.0
Weight .2 kg