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Nori Flakes 25g (Sprinkle Jar)


Nori is thin, dried seaweed sheets recognisable in many Japanese sushi dishes, as wrappers for making rolled sushi. It is known as many names but known famously in Wales as Laver and used to make Laver bread. Our Nori is conveniently flaked for easy addition as a topping or condiment in various noodle and rice dishes.

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Benefits of eating seaweed

Nutritional AnalysisFat (% of dry matter)1.74Protein (% of dry matter)27.08Carbohydrates (% of dry matter)50.18Energy (Kj/100g of dry matter)Not TestedVitamin C (ppm, ug/g)15.6Calcium (mg/kg)9630Iron (mg/kg)297Magnesium (mg/kg)2770Manganese (mg/kg)19.7Sodium (mg/kg)1.10Copper (mg/kg)7.9Cadmium (mg/kg)<1.0Mercury (mg/kg)<1.0Arsenic (mg/kg)29.0Iodine (ppm, ug/g)150-550Lead (mg/kg)<1.0

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