Grow Your Own Wheatgrass From Seed

Grow Your Own Wheatgrass From Seed.

 to full-length grass in 12 days. It contains 8 essential amino acids and every vitamin science has found and 97 of the 102 minerals. 1oz shot equals in minerals and vitamins to 1kg of green vegetables. Seeds available in 1kg or 25kg.

Very easy to grow at room temperature in your house. We have the Wheatgrass trays, the compost, the sprouting jar, and the instructions which are to soak a cup of grain in water for 8-10 hours. Then rinse daily until short sprouts appear. Sow them on top of the compost in the tray, cover with a tray until it starts pushing the tray. Take the tray away – the short grass will be yellow, but quickly turns green now that it gets a bit of light. Phone 040468645 if you need help to get going.

Grow Your Own Wheatgrass From Seed Video

Grow Your Own Wheatgrass from Seed
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