You Can Heal Your Self – I Did! Gabrielle Kirby


I wrote this book to be a source of encouragement to anyone going through the terrible condition of Interstitial Cystitis. I felt that my condition was unique to me and, as I didn’t receive any encouragement from the medical world, I went through a lengthy process of self-healing. When that finally worked, I thought I should fill the information/support gap with my book.

When you can’t depend on anyone to help you out, you have to do it yourself!

This is really what the book is all about. Not so much do you have the same condition as I had, but rather how to use the same tools suggested in the book to be a practical source of self-encouragement that will eventually lead to healing.

As a result of the book, I got letters from all over the world telling me about similar situations people had been in. So being sick is a sort of universal condition that we all need encouragement with.

There’s lots to read here – my story, dietary tips, exercise tips, meditations, etc. And the encouragement to keep at it until you make it work!

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