Shower Cartridge Replacement

Shower Replacement Filter PurePro-6000


Do you also enjoy showering with clean water? Then replace the filter of your ‘Shower filter PurePro’ in time. This replacement filter fits exactly in the casing of your shower filter, and ensures that you enjoy it for longer!

For the best results we advise you to apply a new replacement filter to your shower filter every six months to one year.

Special Features

Remove 95% of chlorine contained in water
Remove 98% of heavy metal contained in water
Remove chemical substance contained in water
Stop the growth of bacteria by applying KDF filter
Multi-layer filter to make filtration more effective
Easy-understood twisted manual timer
Replaceable filter cartridge

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Studies show that for gaining better health, chlorine contained in water should be removed from our drinking water. Hence chlorine should also be removed from water used for shower, bath, and facial cleansing. Shower Filter is considered as de-chlorinated  shower  filter  that  is  capable  of  removing  90%,  or  even  higher amount of chlorine during shower. By using the shower filter, one not only can personally   re-experience   smooth   skin   and   a   younger   looks,   but   also   re- experience soft and more manageable hair. Even color-treated or damage hair can be repaired

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