Gluten Free Wraps


Gluten Free Wraps 5 pack Dreamed up by Kevin Jacobsen, an ardent Raw Fooder, these excellent wraps are made from Organic Carrots (56%) Organic Apples (28%) Organic Flaxseeds (16%) and dehydrated at 115 degrees F. Produced exclusively in the production room of the ‘Healthy Habits Raw Food Café’ in Wicklow,Ireland, all for your enjoyment!

Ingredients: Carrots  Apples  Flaxseeds

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Weight 130g approx contains 5 servings  1 wrap 25g approx
Dehydrated 46˚C
Manufactured by Healthy Habits Café & Store
Refrigerate in a sealed container once opened
Shelf life 6 months
Weight .16 kg
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