Whole Body Cleansing


by Gaetano Morello

Arguing that detoxification is an ongoing process to be done gently rather than an intense purge to be performed periodically, this whole-body approach to purification goes beyond the gastrointestinal tract to include practical information on how to support the entire body so it can effectively process toxins.

Clarifying the many misconceptions regarding the proper way to cleanse and detoxify, this practical and comprehensive guide promotes an inside out approach that enables the body to detoxify safely, effectively, thoroughly, and consistently. Individuals concerned about the toxic world will look and feel more energetic as they bolster their innate ability to fight illness by transforming health on the cellular level.

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“In this easy-to-read, practical guide, naturopathic physician and veteran health educator Dr. Gaetano Morello sheds some light on the facts and fiction surrounding detoxification. His Whole Body Cleansing System is based on strong scientific evidence that will help you cleanse efficiently, naturally, and safely

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