Pukka Bamboo Cup RevitalisePukka Bamboo Cup Revitalise

Pukka Bamboo Cup Revitalise


Revitalise Bamboo Cup

We have wanted to offer re-useable cups with our designs for some time and at last, we have found one worthy of the task.

Made from natural, rapidly renewable bamboo fibre, these cups will take you on thousands of journeys of incredible bliss.

Do not use in the microwave. Lid and sleeve made from food grade silicone which is not biodegradable.

Sustainability at Pukka


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Made from the world’s most sustainable crop, pesticide-free bamboo fibre and non-GMO corn starch, the Pukka Bamboo Cup is reusable, easy to use and dishwasher friendly. We teamed up with ‘E coffee’ to bring these cups to life which was no mean feat.

Why buy a bamboo cup?

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