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Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology by Michaela Avlund


Teachers book for the Wellbeing & Happiness Skills School packages

Happiness is within the reach of everyone. We have tremendous power to change our brains through simple adjustments.

Focusing on what goes well in our lives stimulates the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine improving our mood and well-being.

These are skills we all need in order to cope with the increasing stream of bad news and the tendency to measure ourselves against impossible images of perfection.

Evidence-based skills that empower us to focus better and to create energetic and purposeful lives for ourselves.


‘I was given your book as a gift and found it to be so transforming that I went and bought ten copies to give to each of my four adult children and some friends. I’m a retired teacher, mother and grandmother and have read many self help books over the years but I must say that I find this to be the best so far.
I love the layout and the style of writing but most of all that the book is based on sound scientific principals.
I look to booking on one of your courses to consolidate all that I am learning from your book.
I hope that it many people as has the power to transform lives. With every good wish.’

‘I find myself and my husband are now dipping in and out of the Happiness Skills book, in this time of pandemic, we find it so helpful and encouraging. It’s what we all need.’

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Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology by Michaela Avlund

Michaela explains how we now know the nourishing thoughts and behaviors that lead to optimum, Happiness, and wellbeing. But knowing is only the beginning. She has researched and taught these Happiness and Well-being skills with adults and teenagers through workshops and power presentations. Over the past fifteen years, such learning has been inspiring.

The Happiness Skills book includes stories of individuals who are using these skills. But also offers a range of BRAIN TRAIN opportunities. Either alone or in a group use these skills to help to fulfill a better lifestyle.

Review by Marie O’Sullivan, Anokha Learning:

How should I use Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology?

You can read the book from cover to cover or use the table of contents to dive into an activity that speaks to you, such as a self-hug, writing a gratitude letter, or keeping a strengths-diary. You could even select a random page and see how you could apply the wisdom within to lift your mood. The book is clearly laid out with lots of easily digestible explanations of the theory underpinning the core concepts.

The book features lots of journalling prompts to encourage reflection and there’s plenty of space to record your answers. Alternatively, you might like to use a special notebook to jot down your responses.

Why now?

I wrote to Michaela for permission to share a cover image of the book to accompany this blog post and in her words “now more than ever we need wellbeing skills. The uncertainty around the virus and the restrictions people have to adhere to can be quite frightening and frustrating but with wellbeing skills, we can keep ourselves healthy and as happy as possible in spite of it all.”

Final thoughts

My wish for you is that you get a chance to read this lovely book and benefit from its wisdom. You may also like to visit Michaela’s website for more insight on how to boost your wellbeing using happiness skills. Maybe like me, you’ll recommend it to others who would also enjoy it.

Marie O’Sullivan is an experienced teacher and counselor with an M.Sc. in Child and Adolescent Counselling.

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