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Clean Up Your Diet by Max Tomlinson


Change the way you eat.

The UK’s best-loved naturopath, Max Tomlinson, reveals how you can harness the power of food to generate outstanding health. Foods in their pure form can protect you against pollution and disease – especially degenerative diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer – and can help you to achieve long-term health and vitality.

Clean Up Your Diet shows you how to move away from processed, chemically laden food and how to capitalise on the inherent power of pure food. Choose from an all-encompassing range of programs: * The Detox Program-use pure foods for a simple way to cleanse your body

* The Clear Digestion Program-discover how to do a pure foods tune-up * The Energy Boost Program-learn how to kick-start your energy levels * The Ailment Plan-relieve common ailments such as acne, arthritis, asthma, colds & flu, eczema, headaches, insomnia, IBS, PMT, hayfever and stress

Each program is packed with nutritional advice, menu plans, delicious recipes and lifestyle techniques. Dip in and use just one section, or follow the program throughout, and enjoy renewed energy and optimum health and vitality.

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Today’s processed foods are seriously lacking in nutritional value, and almost every week we hear about dangerous additives or carcinogenic pollutants in our meat, fish, grains, vegetables, or fruits. The results of this poor diet are increased susceptibility to illness, low energy, and premature aging. World-renowned naturopath Max Tomlinson has the antidote.

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