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Atlantic Wakame Sea Vegetable 50g


50g Organic.  Individual plants with there own strong flavour. Wakame used in Miso Soup. It is an important source of calcium. Can be chopped and used in soups, stews and salads. Also makes a delightful soup on it’s own when boiled with water. Ideal substitute for fish stock.

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Nutritional Analysis

Fat (% of dry matter)2.14

Protein (% of dry matter)31.31

Carbohydrates (% of dry matter)56.2

Energy (Kj/100g of dry matter)1260.85

Vitamin C (ppm, ug/g)12.47

Calcium (mg/kg)13200

Iron (mg/kg)69.2Magnesium (mg/kg)7860

Manganese (mg/kg)<1.0

Sodium (mg/kg)5.23

Copper (mg/kg)5.0

Cadmium (mg/kg)<1.0

Mercury (mg/kg)<1.0Arsenic (mg/kg)155

Iodine (ppm, ug/g)800-5,000

Lead (mg/kg)<1.0

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