Power Juices and Super Drinks


Did You Know...
A parsley and celery juice combination is a proven headache helper? A smoothie of papaya, peppermint, and fennel relieves indigestion faster than the top-selling antacid. A simple licorice tea can stop children's coughs. Cranberry juice neutralizes the bacteria that causes bladder infections. An enzyme in pineapple juice reduces swelling and inflammation of joints due to arthritis. Because of our complex modern diet and overburdened digestive systems, only 10% of what we eat ever makes it to the trillions of cells that are in charge of our health. Juices, teas, and green drinks are a fast and easy way to get the vital nourishment we need to help prevent and fight disease. Now you can learn how to tap the healing powers of natural fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seeds for conditions such as: memory loss, depression, sexual dysfunction, asthma, periodontal disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, anemia, skin problems, excess weight, enlarged prostate, and flu. With dozens of quick and delicious recipes, this handy guide makes juicing fast and easy enough to fit into any lifestyle. So if you want to enjoy renewed health and glowing vitality, "Power Juices & Super Drinks" is the book for you.

Power Juices and Super Drinks
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